It's time to meet 10 inspirational movies that vividly capture and deliver the voices of young people.
Young film makers are as much passionate as great directors in creating content and making films.

You can enjoy the representative youth projects from the Youth Film School and Youth Web Drama Camp operated by the DCMC; the stories of youth from Daejeon and Chungcheong provinces will be shared.

We have also invited external award-winning pieces from other film festivals so that we can have a chance to listen to the stories of youth from other regions. GV with the young directors of those invited films is prepared as well.

And remember we have a special Hong Kong Section with the youth who will be joining from Hong Kong across the ocean.
Aren't you curious to learn the films made by the youth speaking a different language in a different culture?

Join us to learn and enjoy the wonderful new world of youth through movies.


Posting of Selected Showings

Jul. 13 (Tue)

Masterpiece Screening

Aug. 13 (Fri) 15:30-16:30 ▶ Live Broadcast

GV with Youth Directors

Aug. 13 (Fri) 16:30-17:30 ▶ Live Broadcast


A total of 10 works, including 4 youth projects from DCMC, 4 external works awarded by other youth film festivals, and 2 youth films from Hong Kong, are selected and screened online.

Online screening of representative works and communication with youth producers in Hong Kong and Korea (through GV)

Source Title Directed by Running Time
1 Film School Upper-house Child DCMC 12m21s
2 Web Drama Um Deoksoon, a Legendary Fist DCMC 8m9s
3 Web Drama Live in Your Time DCMC 9m
4 Web Drama Your Favorite Color DCMC 10m17s
5 External Glacier Songmi Kwon 26m57s
6 External Lateness Dongju Kim 17m8s
7 External Tazzang: No. 1 Seongwook Lee 29m47s
8 External Answer the Passion Age Hyebin Park 23m22s
9 Special Screening Underground Idol Marcus Lam 7m53s
10 Special Screening Love is Hard Raven Chiu 3m36s