For this session, three special guests who have intensively studied youth and media will be with us.

Ami Kim, Ph.D. in Media Education, will moderate the session by pointing out the core of the dialogue.
Mr. Sangryul Bae, a research fellow at the National Youth Policy Institute, will share his insight on the youth media culture and social participation of youth in/out of school.
Donna Chu, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, will touch upon the educational practice centering on the school field.
Hong Kong and South Korean young commentators will also join the dialogue to deliver their voices.


사회자 김아미

Ami Kim

∙ Ph.D. in Media Education
∙ Visiting Researcher, Media Literacy Research Institute, Gyeongin National University of Education
∙ Former Director, Policy Research Team, Community Media Foundation


대담자 배상률

Sangryul Bae

∙ Research Fellow, Youth Media Culture Lab, National Youth Policy Institute
∙ Main research activities:

  • - A study on the media use by youth and policy responses by target (2020)
  • - A study on the current situation of immigrated youth and support for self-reliance of youth (2016)
  • - A study on the use of social media to revitalize youth culture (2015)
대담자 도나추

Donna Chu

∙ Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
∙ Main research activities:

  • - Media Use and Protest Mobilization: A Case Study of Umbrella Movement Within Hong Kong Schools(2018)
  • - Sex Talk: Discourses About Female Bodies in Hong Kong Media(2017)
대담자 정민주

Minju Jung

∙ A sophomore majoring in media at Daejeon Daesung Girls' High School
∙ Main Production Activities

  • - Web dramas "The Scissors (2019)“, "Um Deok Soon, Legendary Fist (2020)“
  • - Short films 'The Child Upstairs (2020)‘, 'The Child Who Laughs (2021)'
대담자 토마스

Thomas Chow

∙ A major in Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
∙ Main Production Activities

  • - Short films 'Last Days (2021)', 'Falling (2021)'
  • - Music videos 'A0 (2020)', 'After that (2020)'